Things to Consider When Buying Marijuana Edibles

Consuming cannabis edibles can be an enjoyable experience, but it’s important to note that almost every edible is different. Understanding how much cannabis you’ve ingested can be a toss-up, only becoming clearer after being consumed and the effects of the plant begin to appear. Edibles affect everyone differently, regardless of size, so when you’re looking to buy edibles from your local Mountain View cannabis dispensary, consider these points when you’re making your purchase.

Always Check the Labels

When you’re seeking out the perfect selection of edibles, it pays to do your research beforehand. Paying attention to the label can be important for not only understanding what exactly you’re ingesting but in determining how the rest of your day or evening is going to play out.

Most reputable edible makers test their products in a lab for potency purposes. They’ll then include the amount of two of the most important ingredients in the edible: the THC levels and the CBD levels. The amount of THC can ultimately tell you how high the edible will make you after consumption.

Take caution with your health and read these labels at your local Mountain View cannabis dispensary when you’re stocking up on edibles.

Know That Ingesting Marijuana is More Potent Than Smoking It

Smoking marijuana through a bong or joint can cause a different reaction than ingesting it as an edible, a factor that should be considered when buying from your local Mountain View marijuana dispensary.

When THC is eaten, not just inhaled, the liver transforms it into a substance which creates a longer-lasting high that’s also twice as strong. Meanwhile, THC takes longer to process in the body. Due to this, people overeat edibles and end up with a more intense reaction than they wanted. Take it slow when consuming your edibles, and wait a few hours to determine your high before ingesting more.

Don’t Immediately Panic About Being Too High

The effects of consuming too many edibles can hit people at different rates, and when some realize too late that they’re getting uncomfortably high, they immediately begin to panic.

Thankfully, there have been no reported cases of people dying by overdosing on marijuana. That said, it can be an uneasy feeling regardless. If you begin to stress thinking you’ve consumed too much, take a calming breath and relax somewhere safe while you come down from the high.

Marijuana edibles can be a great method for reaping the benefits of the cannabis plant. However, considering these factors about edibles when buying from your Mountain View cannabis dispensary can save you the trouble of dealing with unknown after-effects.