What Is THC And Why should Have A 1% Limit in The Hemp World?

In the cannabis world, the health supplement CBD, the other hemp derived cannabinoids all have largely evolved in the recent times. These have just become a super hit in the health care system as an alternative form of medicine, even for some of the chronic and painful diseases like epilepsy and Alzheimer.


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Regulations in the use of cannabinoids


Even though hemp oil benefits are observed and proved time and again, this is a very recent acceptance. There are several researches being done and everyday a new discovery is made and a new advancement is made. Due to this, the industry is kept under constant observation, regulation and reforms.


The 1% limit for THC


The most commonly used and the most popular and widely accepted cannabinoid is cannabidiol or CBD. This has amazing healing properties. However, that is not the only reason why CBD is widely accepted. This is because of the nonpsychedelic property that it is readily used as a medicine as apposed to its other psychoactive relatives.


As CBD is also derived from the same hemp plants from where their psychoactive cousins are also derived, it is inevitable that CBD also contains traces of these psychoactive chemicals also, especially THC. We all know that.


The regulatory authorities have set an upper limit of 0.3% of THC that can be permitted in any of the CBD products. We are now talking about raising it 1% as many feels that the 0.3% limit has a difficulty in practical feasibility.


The 1% limit of THC, if implemented will make a lot of sense.


  • The THC too, has remarkable health benefits that remain unusable due to its intoxicating effects. If it is used with CBD in the 1% ratio, there is a possibility for us to conquer this area as well.
  • The CBD has the potential to neutralize any intoxication of THC while being able to capitalize its goodness alone.
  • As the permitted THC level is limited to 0.3%, it makes it very difficult to isolate CBD. 1% would be a more feasible limit.


Since the hemp industry is totally governed by the law, let us wait for the end result and see if we can get some lenience in the permitted THC limit.

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