Full Spectrum CBD – Its Origin, Contents and Health Benefits

Gradually, the CBD market is growing larger with the implementation of the U.S. Farm Bill 2018. This has brought a large number of varying brands and products. If you have visited a CBD store for your first CBD product purchase, you might have been questioned whether you want a full spectrum, a broad spectrum or an isolate of CBD product.


What is CBD? How it works inside your body?


Well, the CBD product is legal in U.S.A only if it is derived from the hemp plant and it contains 0.30% THC or less. The Just CBD Store, headquartered in Florida, is the best place to buy CBD oil online. Their CBD products vary from like gummies to oil, from edibles to tinctures and much more to choose from.


They provide online facility for lab test reports and Certificate of Analysis for each batch of production. They maintain the legal limit of 0.30% THC content or less. They have full spectrum, broad spectrum and isolate form of CBD products.


CBD and THC are the two primary compounds among the 100 cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. CBD has medicinal properties useful for the treatment of various ailments. The endocannabinoid system (ECS) of your body consists of network of receptors and neurotransmitters that controls the functioning of your central nervous system and peripheral nervous system.


CBD helps in efficient functioning of ECS to overcome ailments like stress, pain, sleep disorder, memory loss, muscle inflammation, weak immunity and a lot more. CBD initiates your ECS to work more effectively all the time.


THC is known to be a psychoactive cannabinoid that affects brain receptors directly. This gives you a feeling of high and excitement. It acts like a party drug. Full spectrum CBD will not give you an intoxicating effect as it contains less than 0.30% THC.


The Cannabicromene (CBC), Cannabidivarin (CBDV), Cannabigerol (CBG) and Cannabinol (CBN) are among other cannabinoids found in hemp plant. They are found in small amount in hemp plant. They have anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, anti-anxiety, anti-acne and anti-nausea properties.


Explaining the contents and benefits of full spectrum CBD


Full spectrum CBD contains high volume of CBD and traces of more than 100 other cannabinoids. They also contain less than 0.30% THC, and other essential proteins, fats and vitamins. The entire contents of full spectrum CBD works collectively to enhance your ECS, which is not possible if they work individually. This is called entourage effect. The broad spectrum of CBD does not have such entourage effect due to the absence of THC.


Full spectrum CBD contains the entire natural compounds of hemp plant. These cannabinoids work as a team to create an enhanced entourage effect. It is most effective in the treatment of rare types of diseases like epilepsy and arthritis. Full spectrum CBD has rich content of amino acids, essential fatty acids, proteins and vitamins.


These compounds are essential for proper metabolism, immunity system, overall body development, faster recovery time and energy restorage of the body. Full spectrum CBD has a pleasant taste. You can check the product label to confirm the percentage contents of each cannabinoids. This will ensure that you are buying a full spectrum CBD.

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